Our Luxury Services Upon Request

Private Cruise

We allow you to explore the island through private cruises on routes that will enchant you.
We take you to unique places you cannot visit by car, such as the deserted “Menies” on the Rodopos peninsula and the Thodorou islands north of Platanias.

We also provide private cruises to Gramvousa, Balo, Seitan Ports, Sfakia, Loutro, and Gavdos.!

For those who wish to travel to more places in Greece, we can take you to Santorini, an island that will leave you amazed by its beauty, ending the day with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


Our partners offer incredible experiences through their luxurious, safe boats for excursions that will offer you the best holidays of your life.

Our boats are from 8.5 to 24.5 meters, depending on your needs and requirements!

Yachts are ideal for parties with excellent sound systems and even a chef who will ensure you have the most delicious meals!

Some boats allow you to stop in the middle of the bay, and if you are a water sports enthusiast, you can choose between jetlv, fly board, or hoverboard.


Do you want to enjoy every route during your holiday?

We provide you with a private chauffeur who will transport you comfortably and safely while you relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the beautiful scenery in the back seat!

Tennis - Squash

Tennis is one of the most beautiful sports, so we understand our guests’ passion for it and their inability to leave it even during their holidays. Now we give you the opportunity to enjoy it on your holidays!

We take you to various tennis or squash courts, and if you wish, we can arrange your match with an opponent.

Personal training

If fitness is a way of life for you, you don’t have to go off your schedule during your holidays. We can arrange for you to have certified Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, and TRX instructors take care of your workout!

Enjoy your holiday without any guilt that you neglected your body!


What could be better than diving on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters;

Whether you are experienced, or a beginner, diving in Crete is an experience of a lifetime not to be missed! We allow you to explore the seabed and discover the mysterious creatures that live in this different world.

Provided with the appropriate equipment and accompanied by an instructor, we guide you to an underwater paradise. If you do not have a diploma but wish to obtain one, you are given the opportunity with the appropriate courses during your stay in Crete!

Body and beauty

We take care of your relaxation and care for you to have the holidays you deserve!

The following services are provided:

Massage, sauna, steam room, beauty masks, manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, Spa (chocolate therapy, aromatherapy, herbal therapy, exfoliation), and anything else you need to enjoy every moment relaxing away from the stress of everyday life!

Private Party

We organize unforgettable parties where you want because, in Crete, fun is a way of life!

Music from local Cretan orchestras with traditional instruments, lyre, and lute, a folk orchestra with bouzouki and guitar, with jazz and blues musicians, and for even more fun, a DJ who will stir you up with his musical choices!

We can even provide a professional bartender who will make your favorite cocktails to enjoy to the fullest!

We aim to satisfy your wishes and ensure you have the best summer on our island!

Helicopter tour

We offer you the unique experience of enjoying the view of Crete from above, admiring its beauty with its magnificent mountains and traditional villages, surrounded by the blue sea.

You can go around the city of Chania, go all the way to the town of Rethymno, and even go all the way to the beautiful island of Santorini and admire the most beautiful sunset in the world!

Private Fishing

Do you love fishing? You are in the right place!

You have the opportunity to fish by boat in the middle of the sea or even on the shore with an instructor who will tell you the secrets of fishing while eating by the fire, by canoe with pedals while admiring at the same time every secret part of our island, even in a boat, professional or traditional, participating in fishing.

Make a choice and enjoy your favorite hobby on one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Wine tasting

Do you have a love for good wine? Do you want to experience new flavors and aromas that you can only find in Crete?

A local family winery is waiting to accommodate every traveler who wants to enjoy the taste of rare varieties of wines and learn about the whole preparation process while enjoying Cretan delicacies!

Paragliding parachute - Paratrike

We give you the opportunity to fly over Crete! A unique experience for those who love daring sports and the magical view of the beautiful landscapes from above.

The flight has a motorized structure with three wheels and seats [which can take off like a small plane. There is complete safety, and it is even provided for people with mobility problems, offering them unforgettable moments without any issues!

Bungee jumping

Wherever you go, are you looking for adventure?

Bungee Jumping is the one that will get you off the ground!

The bridge of Aradaina in Sfakia, with a height of 138 meters, is one of the most beautiful destinations for bungee jumping and admiring wild nature with its cliffs and wonderful colors.

Feel freer than ever, feel the adrenaline rush, and live every second as a unique experience that will stay in your memory forever.

Private Chef

We will introduce you to the culture of Crete through its cuisine. We provide personal chef’s services to prepare authentic Mediterranean and Cretan traditional flavors from pure local ingredients. Leave the cooking to us, and you will have gained the experience of a lifetime through this wonderful culinary journey!

For even more demanding tasters and after a 5-day briefing, there is the possibility to have the distinguished Chef Karamolego at your disposal!

Chef Karamolegos’ restaurants are on the list of the top 25 restaurants in Europe, and his dishes have won top gastronomy awards over the years. Please take advantage of the opportunity to taste the unique flavors it can offer you!

Road Tour with Jeep

We offer you the opportunity to admire Crete’s wild natural beauty and unspoiled nature through a magical excursion.

Passing by road through pastures, tunnels, small rivers, streams, deserted chapels, picturesque houses, and taverns with Cretan cuisine and music, you will get to know our land’s way of life and tradition!

Mountaineering - Hiking

If you love nature, then hiking and mountaineering will give action to your holidays in Crete! You will have the opportunity to admire the wild natural beauty of the mountains and gorges of Crete, enjoying the fresh air and the colors of the land!

Culture tours

Our island has much to tell you if you love history, antiquity, and ancient historical monuments. We can organize a tour with an official guide to the monuments from all over Crete.

We can take you on a tour of historical monuments such as Knossos, archaeological museums, walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, and many other places that have left their indelible footprints.

We can even organize a day trip to Athens to admire the Acropolis while walking through the beautiful Plaka and the shopping streets!

Excursion to a Horizontal Cave

Do you love nature and unique things? Do you like to discover hidden places?

A unique cave full of stalactites in various shapes is waiting to be discovered, while you will have the opportunity to put on some silver, a mineral that can renew your skin and has healing properties!

Excursion to a cave with an underground river

We will take you to the White Mountains, on the northern side of the island, so that you can experience the true tradition of our land by tasting traditional Cretan food in places frequented by genuine Cretans.

Accompanied by a well-known cave explorer who loves to travel, you will explore together the inside of a cave with an underground river that will leave you with your mouth agape.

You will enjoy the sounds and images of nature while tasting Cretan herbs and delicacies away from the hustle and bustle of the city!


Do you want to go shopping in Crete to enjoy your holidays even more? We can help you!

We will take you around the traditional streets of Chania, where you will find traditional and modern products, as well as in the historical market of Chania, where you will discover all the Cretan aromas and traditional flavors produced on our island and are flavors of the Cretan traditional cuisine.

Finally, you won’t miss shopping, including clothes, gifts, and souvenirs that will stay in your possession to remind you of the most beautiful holidays of your life!

Kissamos - Gastronomic tour

Ask us, and we will organize one of the most beautiful excursions in Kissamos. We will visit two of the best wineries, where you will enjoy the wine-making process. In this local apiary, you will have a live presentation on the production of honey which you will taste and enjoy an authentic Cretan meal of pure local products.

You will have two English-speaking guides, snacks and drinks, transportation, and even a vegetarian meal on request. For groups of 4-7 people.

Sfakia - Hiking & Taste

Have you heard about the beautiful Sfakia and want to have a beautiful experience enjoying this beautiful village? We are here for you!

We will take you to the last village in the area, starting with a hike through a pine forest and ending up in one of the southernmost places in Europe. There you will enjoy the magical view of the Libyan Sea.

Then we will enjoy a traditional Cretan meal made of pure, natural ingredients that will bring you one step closer to Cretan life and culture while enjoying local wine.

A short walk follows before returning to the city.

You will have two English-speaking guides, an open-air meal, and traditional Cretan wine at your disposal. For groups of 4-12 people (Departure from Chania at 08:00 and return at 17:00)


Do you love gold and want a unique piece of jewelry that only you will have? We recommend the best goldsmiths who can make anything you can imagine if you ask for it!

Private doctor visits

24-hour medical coverage for any health problem that may arise during your holiday; it is even possible to be transported by a state-of-the-art ambulance.

Motorbike shooting

Are you a group of motorcyclists, and you came to admire the beautiful landscapes of Crete on your motorbike?

We offer an experienced expert motorcyclist who will take you on a tour of Crete’s most beautiful wild natural landscapes through country roads, beaches, and mountains that will fascinate you!

Swimming lessons

Swimming is one of the first things one learns as a child on an island surrounded by the sea! If you wish, we can organize swimming lessons for both young and old for as long as you are on our island by distinguished coaches.


We take care of your children with licensed childminders as long as you and your partner want to spend some time together.

We give you the opportunity to go out for dinner or drinks without worrying about their safety and care!